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starting January 2021 

Sign up for a monthly share of true Vermont organic pastured pork and save up to 20%! 

Born on our farm, our pigs spend their lives exploring a diverse landscape of fields & woods while munching on certified organic grain, milk & vegetable scraps. 


A pork share with us is a monthly pre-packed box of mixed cuts & ground/sausage that you can pick up from Family Cow at your convenience or have delivered to your home. 

No need to sign up for a season or year in advance, and you can alter, join, or leave the share as you see fit.

 It's a great way for you to save 5-20% on our pork, and allows us as farmers to plan for the season ahead. 


The exact content of your share will vary month-to-month but will always include packages of both ground product (including various flavors of sausage) and cuts (e.g. chops, roasts, ribs, bacon, etc.)

For example, a medium share of 6 pounds per month total could be:

3 lbs of sausage & 3 lbs of pork chops 

3 lbs of sausage, a 2 lb pork roast and 1 lb bacon the next or

2 lbs ground pork, 1 lb sausage, 1 lb spareribs and 2 lbs pork chops 

Shares will be pre-packed, frozen and available to pick up at your convenience from Family Cow. 




Q: Is there a bacon-only share?

A: Unfortunately no... but you are welcome to purchase bacon in the farm stand as long as it is available! 

Q: I am interested but we don't eat X cut of pork-- can I request certain things to be included or not included? 

A: Absolutely- send us an email with your preference & we will do our best. We want you to be totally satisfied with what you're getting. 


Q: What if I only want pork occasionally- I don't want to commit to a share but I'm still interested! 

A: No problem, starting in January of 2021 we should have pork available by the cut in the farm stand.  

Q: Can I visit the pigs?

A: With a prior appointment, yes! The pigs are often deep in the woods so we would have to set up a guided tour so to speak.  

Q: Do you deliver? 

A: Yes, we can deliver pork shares to the greater Burlington area (Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, Jericho, Richmond, Charlotte, Shelburne, Essex; and as far south as Bristol/ New Haven.

Monthly orders over $100 can be delivered free of charge. Orders under $100 can be delivered once per month for a $12 fee. 

Q: How easy is it to change or cancel my share?

A: Very easy; just let us know via email before the 1st of the month what change you would like to make. There is no cancellation fee.

More questions? Please email us at familycows@gmail.com

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